Flaresim Version 5.0


The following new features have been added in Flaresim 5.0

1. Thermal Dose calculation for receptor points
2. More rigourous calculation method for water screens
3. Seal drum sizing and rating capability
4. Graphic report drawings for KO Drum and Seal Drum layout


The following improvements have been made in Flaresim 5.0

1. Reworked isopleth graphics allowing "non-square" plots and filled contours
2. Direct output of graphic reports as PDF documents
3. Updated graphic report layouts
4. Check for choke flow at seal exit in tip calculations
5. Extended case study to allow linked objects to be varied e.g. fluid through tip
6. Support for copy and paste of shield vertex data


Flaresim 5.0 can be downloaded through the client login area.

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